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Here is a list of the Trees and Plants currently available for Sale at our
Retail Store at Parkway Greenhouse. ****Note this is for Sale and can't
be shipped to your location, so come see us today!*****
Call us at 256-533-6700 for more information.
Fuyu Apple Trees5 gal $25.00
Persimmon Trees 5 gal $25.00
Japanese Maples$25.00
Green Giant Arborvitae$35.00
Leyland Cypress$25.00
Yaupon Holly ( Tall)$29.00
Yaupon Holly ( Mid)$25.00
Tea Olive$25.00
Crape Myrtles$20.00
Navel Orange$35.00
Meyer Lemon$35.00
Key Lime$25.00
Hanging Junipers$25.00
Burning Bush$15.00
Variegated Monkey Grass$5.99
Brown Turkey Fig$19.00
Knock out Roses$25.00
Carol Drift Roses$15.00
Hybrid Tea Roses$22.00
Asian Plum Trees
Asian Pear Trees