Home > Sack Garden. This is your anywhere garden because it is portable! Now you can have a garden anywhere you live, and available for purchase on this section.
The Sack Garden is a gardening system developed by Hong Park at
Parkway Greenhouse in Huntsville, Al. This system is sold in growing kits,
allowing you to grow all of your favorite plants, flowers and vegetables in a
simple to manage soil sacks that are just the right size to move around as you see fit.
This system can be used in apartments where there is little or no space,
or can be used as a teaching tool for kids at school
or the elderly or anyone that can not have a conventional garden.
There are so many ways to use this system and NO Digging!
Check out our Sack Garden kit below and get one to start your
anywhere Garden today!
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12" Sack Garden  Growing Kit 3-Pack 12" SackGarden Growing Kit 3-Pack

Kit includes: 3 sack with a handle attached, 3 plastic handles, flexible styrofoam edging, a 4x4 clear plastic sheet, 1 black weed barrier sheet, and an instruction sheet.***Picture shows pvc pipe, which we no longer send. Instead, we send flexible styrofoam edging*****

Our Price: $19.95